Past Idols giving back: Adam Lambert

adamlambert Past Idols giving back: Adam Lambert

The global superstar, the once former American Idol had a wonderful year professionally in 2010. His career is an example of one of the most succcessful stars to ever get his start on the show. But over the past year, not only did the singer see success with his debut album, For Your Entertainment, he also did good for others as well.

Apart from raising money for school students with the help of his fans and, he also tweeted quite a lot in trying to raise awareness for the horrible Haiti earthquake. According tot he new report, Lambert was the most influential tweeter in 2010 for Haiti and the natural disaster.

As reports, Lambert was the most influential tweeter: “For the topic of Haiti, however, singer Adam Lambert was the most influential tweeter. For the Chilean miner rescue topic, comedian Conan O’Brian was the most influential, and singer Ricky Martin was number two.” The article went on to say of the superstar: “Adam Lambert tweeted for earthquake relief. Top influencers are very heavily dependent on the topic they are tweeting about and the area of the topic.”

Apart from Lambert’s extraordinary talent, the singer’s fans love the fact that he is always trying to do all that he can for various causes and for making sure that he raises awareness for all the issues and causes that he feels are of great importance. The singer has created quite a bond with his fans since first appearing on TV, and the fans are supportive of everything that he does, and try to help out with any cause that Lambert is involved with.

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by: Katrina K. Wheeler

  • cassie

    Adam’s latest outreach project is charity: water. The organization brings safe drinking water to people in developing nations. He is asking his fans to contribute to this cause in lieu of sending him birthday gifts (January 29 is his 29th birthday). In less than 48 hours, fans have contributed over $65,000 to the charity! If you are interested in joining them, go to

  • Katrina Lacey

    It is a privilege being an Adam fan. He is the most positive, joyous (with a little bit of spice,) generous (to his friends as well as the universe) person I have ever encountered. Over $500,000 was raised for, last year, now, for his birthday he has requested donations to charity:water and his fans responded with $31,000 in the first 6 hours and $65,000 in the first 3 days. He has taught all of us to be better people and look outside our own sphere for ways to do good. Oh, and then there is the fact that he’s so talented and cute !!!!!!

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