Wanted: Your Ghost Stories

haunted house Wanted: Your Ghost Stories

Have a scary tale?  Had an encounter with a ghost?  Here’s how to tell your story..

The Morning Show wants to spotlight your story, Halloween week.  Email your story to: dianelyn@1019litefm.com   Include your name and phone number please.

ghost 4 Wanted: Your Ghost Stories

  • Kim Authenreath

    We live with a ghost on a daily basis .We call him Rodger.He will shpw himself as shadow to me but as an elderly man to my grandson and children.He likes to whistle and is particularly fond of my 4 year old grandson Alex..Alexis not afraid of him at all .We had our house Blessed and cleansed by a pastor and he chose to stay.We also had the house investigated .This is our story .Roger is harmless and just seems to watch over my grandchildren .We all cohabitate peacefully.If the girls get too scared we just say go away Roger and he usually stops making noise.My friend did not find it amusing when he showed himself to her.

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