Man Card Monday

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tough guy 2 Man Card Monday

Some guys do rough and tough things like the guy in the picture.  Some guys watch football, burp, and scratch.  These guys have their man card.

Some guys hold their wife’s purse while she shops.  Some guys lift their pinky while taking a sip from a cup.  And, some guys cry when they watch Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy.  These guys lose their man card.

How’d you (or your husband) lose the man card this weekend?  Click to hear how some of our listeners lost theirs.

I confess I had a manly weekend.  I was with friends Friday night.  Saturday, I took a couple of loads to the dump.  Sunday, I did tons of yard work.  Then, Sunday night came and I found myself singing along to the Backstreet Boys at their show at Pier Six.  It was at that point I had to turn in my man card.  Click the player to hear how a listener lost his man card this weekend.

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