Should Bill Clinton pay for his daughter’s wedding cops?

 chelsea with mom and dad Should Bill Clinton pay for his daughters wedding cops?

Chelsea is getting married this weekend and not everybody’s happy about it.  Plus see an EXCLUSIVE picture of the wedding site!!!!

The town of Rhinebeck, New York is preparing for the big wedding.  Town officials are bracing for the Clinton wedding, with extra police coverage.  It’s costing the little town $2,500.  Some of the residents aren’t very happy with the extra cost.  One local shouted out “the father of the bride should pay for the extra police protection, not with our tax dollars”!! 

What do you think?  Should former President Clinton pay for wedding cops? He always has Secret Service protection for him and his family, that’s different, right?

TAKE LOOK…the nuptials here!!!!

chelseas manison1 Should Bill Clinton pay for his daughters wedding cops?

  • Laura

    The parents of the bride pay for everything at least in traditional thinking. The groom pays for the honeymoon and the groom’s parents also pay. Everything associated with this wedding should be paid for by somebody in the wedding party including all the extras.

  • Judith Amman

    I am definately in favor of Bill Clinton having to pay for Police Service….He is an ex-president and should be responsible for his own private daughters wedding expenses like every other father or parent should pay…..

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