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Summertime: Vacation at Home with the Kids, Idea 3

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Summertime Water

Play in the Water

Being out on the water is a great way to celebrate the summer, especially on those days when the temperature soars. By:  Hilary Davidson

There’s lots of leeway here, both in terms of price and adventure level: you could take a afternoon cruise around a lake, paddle kayaks in a river, or hang out on a beach. Ilana Rubel, a mother of three in Boise, Idaho, says her kids avidly look forward to spending time on the water. “We take them tubing on the Boise River in a $20 inflatable boat,” she says. “It’s a huge hit, and it would work for anyone who lives near a river or lake.” For bigger bucks, you and your kids could hit a local water park and splash around all day long. Before you go, talk about water safety.

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