Goofy pet names, including Diane’s pets.

 mylo 018 resized Goofy pet names, including Dianes pets.

Read my cat’s LONG name (he’s not too happy about either, look at his face above) LOL… plus, my dogs’ funny names and pet names from around the country.  Click here for GOOFY (I couldn’t resist the Disney reference).

Here’s the’s first:

Molly Mcboozehound, Dog Vader, Barnaby Bones, Flopsy Squeakerton,

instead of (Betty Boop)  change the B to a P (you get it)….Geez Louise. 

And I thought my German Shepherd’s name was out there.  I was looking for a German name, came up with Schnopps.  We also called him Scrappy Dee (from Scooby Doo).  I had a Cocker Spaniel, she was given to me by someone else who already named her.  Her name was Mina Leibe, meaning my love in German.

Ok Cat Lovers…crazy names for the felines:

Bing Clawsby, Cleocatra, Chairman Meow, Boo get it! 

I promised my cat not too many goofy pet names.  So far he is:

Sir Milo Twitchford Klondike T. Kitty (again, judging by his picture, he doesn’t look too happy:)

  • bonnie pellicot

    We had a toy fox terrier when I was 10 years old and her name was Teenie. Teenie got pregnant, lost one of the pups, and the other one had to be born with the help of the vet. It cost my parents alot of money and they named the puppy Brokeus (Broke us).

    • Diane Lyn

      Good name, I love it!!

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