I Miss The One O’Clock Whistle~

Civil Defense Siren

Hello Friends~ I was born and raised in Baltimore and I love our city! One of my favorite pastimes is seeking out its “ghosts”~ things from the past. (Yes…your friend in the night has some unusual daytime hobbies) Here’s what I’ve spotted lately. Baltimore’s old Civil Defense sirens. I used to love to listen to them go off every Monday at 1 pm for their weekly testing. As a child, my brother Mike was terrified by the sound…

and would run into the house in tears exclaiming “I cry the whistle, Mommy!” Years later, he would confess that he believed that the sounds came from a giant vacuum cleaner descending from the heavens that would surely suck him up. Approximately 112 of these Cold War relics were strategically placed around the city and you can still spot them today.  Press play to listen to the “One O’clock Whistle” 

Civil Defense Siren


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