Matt Lauer Caught Cheating?

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matt lauer Matt Lauer Caught Cheating?

Was NBC News’ Matt Lauer caught cheating during the Olympics?

He was in Canada for the Olympics. And allegedly cheating on his wife.

There are reports that Matt and his wife Annette have been living apart for two months, and Annette is no longer wearing her wedding ring . . . because she thinks he was two-timing her during the Olympics in February. Supposedly, Annette was told by the wife of another NBC staffer that Matt spent a lot of his time in Vancouver drinking and flirting with two Canadian broadcasters. He even ditched her on Valentine’s Day to stay in Vancouver . . . and stayed back for a while after the Olympics were over and the rest of the “Today” crew had left. Matt has denied the accusations . . . but Annette isn’t convinced. As you may recall, Annette got suspicious of Matt and filed for divorce back in 2006, while she was pregnant with their third child. But she withdrew her petition a month later.

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