LOST: May 11

lost logo custom LOST:  May 11

SPOILER ALERT:  Don’t go any further if you didn’t yet see Tuesday night’s episode! What an amazing episode–and how interesting was the timing to have a storyline about Jacob’s mother, considering that Sunday was Mother’s Day.  So– now we know that the “Smoke Monster’ isn’t human at all (not that there was really any doubt)…. and that he only takes on the “form” of Jacob’s brother when he talks to Jacob just as he takes on the “form” of John Locke when he talks to the present-day others on the island?  Is the “Smoke Monster” now the evil soul of Jacob’s brother?  And what unbelievable powers must Jacob’s mother posses to enable her to kill all the shipwrecked people?  I may be more confused now than I was a week ago!


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