LOST: May 11

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SPOILER ALERT:  Don’t go any further if you didn’t yet see Tuesday night’s episode! What an amazing episode–and how interesting was the timing to have a storyline about Jacob’s mother, considering that Sunday was Mother’s Day.  So– now we know that the “Smoke Monster’ isn’t human at all (not that there was really any doubt)…. and that he only takes on the “form” of Jacob’s brother when he talks to Jacob just as he takes on the “form” of John Locke when he talks to the present-day others on the island?  Is the “Smoke Monster” now the evil soul of Jacob’s brother?  And what unbelievable powers must Jacob’s mother posses to enable her to kill all the shipwrecked people?  I may be more confused now than I was a week ago!

  • Hal

    Just read a few LOST message board comments with an interesting thought—- maybe Jacob’s fake mom (FM) was actually a smoke monster herself— how else could she have destroyed the camp and killed all of the shipwrecked people? Did she know the young MIB would kill her– then get tossed into the light by Jacob, enabling him to become the next smoke monster and replace her?Remember– she demonstrated her own evilness– more than once….

  • Patgcrafter

    I used to be an avid fan of Lost but they have finally lost me. I got so confused that I no longer knew what was going on. What a shame.

  • Angie

    I have been a Lost fan from the beginning. Keep in mind that all of these last episodes are meant to explain the beginning-simplified that to mean the basic turmoil between good and evil. Between the haves and the have nots. It was summed up very well with the symbolic white pebble and the black pebble, when the Lost plane survivors found the bodies of what is now known as Jacob’s mother and brother-“Our own Adam and Eve” as stated by John Locke.

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