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Your puppy can now Tweet on Twitter

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puppy Your puppy can now Tweet on Twitter

Mattel along Twitter is going to the dogs.  Puppy Tweets, a high tech toy that allows your pet to go on Twitter.  How amazing is this?

puppy tweets Your puppy can now Tweet on Twitter

It’s all in the collar.  The tag will randomly generate a canned tweet when it detects movement, barking. etc. to your dog’s Twitter page.  So a whine or a woof, could generate a tweet.  http://puppytweet.com/

My cat Milo is happy, because cats are getting in the Twitter scene too!  One feline is Tweeting and has a huge following.  Hmm, maybe a blog for Milo soon on Lite Fm?

Beats the heck out of this box….

11232009 0051 Your puppy can now Tweet on Twitter

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