Is Baltimore on this list?

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baltimore custom Is Baltimore on this list?

Green or not?

The EPA release a list of the Top 25 greenest cities.  Is Baltimore on that list?

Here’s the top 25 greenest cities according to the EPA.  It’s based on how many Energy Star buoldings we have.

1. Los Angeles, CA
14. Seattle, WA
2. Washington, D.C.
15. Detroit, MI
3. San Francisco, CA
16. Sacramento, CA
4. Denver, CO
17. San Diego, CA
5. Chicago, IL
18. Austin, TX
6. Houston, TX
19. Miami, FL
7. Lakeland, FL
20. Phoenix, AZ
8. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
21. Ogden, UT
9. Atlanta, GA
22. Charlotte, NC
10. New York, NY
23. Indianapolis, IN
11. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
24. (Tie) Des Moines, IA; Fort Collins, CO; Philadelphia, PA
12. Portland, OR
25. Louisville, KY
13. Boston, MA

Looks like we have to work on it a bit.

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